…help to unlock your potentials!

You think that your company falls short of your expectations and not all potentials are used to lead it successfully into the future? You have concrete ideas to change this and first ideas for the future. But you have not yet found a suitable way to enable your employees to implement these ideas? You are not alone. Because especially in times of change, all your attention is required to stay on course. Sometimes the sense for new things gets lost. Christopher Chabris, Professor of Psychology at Union College in New York, describes this state as the result of selective perception and was able to prove it successfully with his Gorilla Test in 1999.

Unfortunately, there is no really satisfying way to avoid selective perception. The only option to soften the psychological effect is to critically reflect on yourself and to get support from independent and competent third parties.

If you are looking for the “independent and competent third party” for your organisational development or people development, we are the right partner.