…people wanted!

Of course you need the best possible employees for the success of your company. Finding the right candidates is tricky and can become a “war for talents” in times of “Generation Y” and “Generation Z”.

As a private company in the education sector, you also compete with public schools and universities, which can hire the best employees directly upon graduation. Often your competitors can promote attractive perspectives, such as an cademic career or a permanent tenured position.

When you come across a suitable candidate who is open to leave the public education sector, the negotiations differ considerably from those in the business world. They often drag out for a much longer period of time. Do not regard this as a personal affront! Application and nomination procedures at public institutions follow other criteria.

We have extensive experience in both sectors and are therefore happy to assist you in recruiting your future employees. Whether discreetly in the direct approach or through organising a public tender process or nomination procedure.