…the potential of your institution!

Are you an owner or manager of a private educational institution and experiencing declining student numbers or plan on expanding your market reach? Your current strategy and recruiting may need a new boost. It is possible that your current market is saturated and you can only continue to grow by opening up new international markets. However, sometimes an new layout is enough to spark growth.

We conduct a discrete, independent and neutral 360 degree analysis of your institution. You will then receive concrete recommendations for action from us, which can include concrete product proposals as well as operational recommendations for management, external presentation or quality management. We would also be pleased to accompany the implementation and evaluate the success of these initiatives.

In addition to strategic consulting, we can take over operative tasks for you in the marketing of your school or university and the recruitment of your pupils and students. We are equipped to organise complete congresses, trade fairs or camps to improve your B2B or B2C activities. To increase your number of leads in online marketing, we can offer you our own platforms or integrate external platforms.