…investment needed?

You have established an educational institution and are now facing an investment backlog? Perhaps you want to expand your activities or open new campuses? Perhaps you cannot find a successor who would like to continue your life’s work and are looking for a way to sell your school, academy or university? With the help of an external investor, we can support you in these matters. We will of course assist you in a discreet search to find the right investor.


…investment Opportunity wanted?

As an investor, you are looking for a solid and stable profit to secure your portfolio? Perhaps you represent a family office and pursue a sustainable, social or cultural investment strategy? In both cases, you should consider investing in an educational company. Because of the multi-year duration of programs, turnover and returns can be calculated over longer periods of time. We offer our investors a comprehensive analysis of the possible investment target, including a accompanying potential analysis and the achievable return on investment. In the lead-up to an investment, we search for hidden quality defects, investment backlogs and possible cost drivers.