…are experts in Transformation, Communication and education!

Black Apes accompanies development and change processes of companies with consulting services and training offers. Founding, setting up, developing, restructuring, digital transformations, post-merger integration and other strategic reorientations resemble juggling, which can hardly be managed sustainably without change, further development and training:  

– Market changes force us to act 

– New job profiles are necessary

– Experts become managers

– Stakeholders want to see results and success always faster

– Employees’ skills must be redefined and trained

– Changes lead to fears of losses

– Managers must learn to take on new perspectives and roles 

– Employee resistance slows down change 

– Communication gaps cause uncertainty 

With our support entrepreneurs, managers and employees become gamechanger. They are enabled to accept the necessary change as a desirable development goal. Furthermore, they will communicate it appropriately and learn new skills to achieve it in a self-organized way.